Is EMR A Boon Or Bane To The Patients

Electronic Health RecordsPaper charts are slowly being replaced by EMR or Electronic Medical Record and Electronic Health Records. Over the last few years, we have been hearing a lot about the importance of setting up a uniform EMR system. There have been many moves in this regard with many subsidies being provided to achieve this target. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using an electronic medical record? In this post, we will look into the various aspects of using EMR in detail.

As a medical practitioner, one of the major difficulties that you could face is treating a new patient who does not have the documents related to his previous treatments. Now, if the patient is aged, he/she could have undergone many treatments. In such a situation, an electronic medical record could become a great help to the physician. The EMRs can also come to your help if there is a language barrier. Patients of foreign origin may face difficulties in communicating his treatment history and here, EMRs could play an important role. With the use of EMR, the physician can track data associated with each patient over a period. EMRs are designed to ease the task of record keeping. The use of EMRs also makes the records more accurate.

Even though there are quite a few advantages of using an electronic medical record, you will also find a range of disadvantages associated with it. Sometimes, you might have felt that the medical practitioner is taking more time to input the records in the computer than he/she would have spent to diagnose the issue. A doctor using EMR spends more time in front of the computer. He/she would be busy with the previous treatment history and entering the details of the present condition of the patient. Now, this precious time spend on the EMR is definitely a loss for the patient.

Now, as a medical practitioner, you could be supporting EMRs. This is because the use of EMR would help in enhancing the reimbursement of the physician. However, keep in mind that itElectronic Medical Record does not help in the thought process of the physician or improve the medical expertise of this physician.

Even though EMRs have a few disadvantages, they are here to stay. We would soon find almost all the doctors using this facility. Let us hope that it makes treatments more efficient and convenient for both physicians and patients alike.


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